Best Vacuum for Pet Hair

Pet owners love Neato robot vacuums

Dogs are man’s best friends; their hair is not. We get it. With the Neato Botvac, you can have the best of both worlds: your furry friend by your side, and no pet hair or dander in the house. With the best vacuum for pet hair, you can do no wrong when it comes to floor cleaning. It’s the world’s most obedient vacuum!

Sound like too much of a miracle? Allergy sufferers, suffer no more! Just press start and your Neato vacuum will do its job automatically for you, every single day. This pet hair vacuum’s strong suction power is designed to remove even the toughest pet hair and dander, and your floors will be left spotless as it moves methodically back and forth over all surfaces. Carpet, hardwood, or tile, your Neato will do the work for you! When you leave the cleaning up to a vacuum made especially to pick up what your pets leave behind, you will have more time for those walks in the park, snuggle sessions on the couch, and, yes, even for playing fetch.

Remember, your Neato is not only great at cleaning up the traces of your indoor pets—it might even clean better than you do (no offense). Equipped with advanced laser navigation, this pet hair vacuum cleans around furniture, in corners, and close to wall edges with an accuracy that is unparalleled by any other vacuum, robotic or not. It’ll move from room to room automatically, and its special filter is pretty handy when it comes to cleaning up dog or cat hair, retaining three times more than that of an average vacuum cleaner. And, sometimes unlike your furry friends, you can put your pet vacuum on a schedule that works with yours, or let it do its thing and clean automatically.

Neato can never take the place of your pets, but with features like these, it might be your new best friend.


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