Robot Vacuum Cleaners

Effortless Cleaning.

Sensory Loaded.

Neato robot vacuums use patented Neato Botvision™ to see, feel, and plan the most efficient course and clean your house in record time. Neato robot vacuums sense and respond to furniture, toys, and stairs, carefully moving around them, without missing a spot.

So Much to Love.


Patented Neato Botvision™

Scans and maps the room, plans, and methodically cleans—instead of just bumping around.


Super Suction.

As in a real vacuum—not a sweeper. Suctions dirt, dust, and pet hair like only a true vacuum can.


Best for Picking Up Pet Hair.

Industry reviewers like CNET agree, Neato leads the pack for homes with pets.


Oohs. And Awe.

Get that “just vacuumed” look on carpet. Neato does the work. You get the credit.


Auto Charge and Resume.

When it needs more juice, it goes back to its charge base then returns and finishes the job.


Instant Upgrade.

Your smart robot gets smarter as new features become available. Just download them right into your Neato robot vacuum.

Which Neato is Right for You?

Neato Botvac Neato XV
The High Performance Neato for maximum cleaning The Best Value Neato for everyday cleaning
Smartest Robot
Laser-Guided Mapping & Navigation
Auto-Recharge & Resume
Multi-Room Cleaning
Spot Cleaning
Software Upgrades
Most Powerful Vacuum
Engineered to be a true vacuum
Engineered to be a sweeper vacuum
All Floor Types
Easy-to-Empty Dirt Bin
Easy-to-Clean & Swap Brush
Dirt Bin Size .7 liters .6 liters
Surface Area 13.1 - 84.7 in 7.7 - 47.7 in
Particle Size Captured Down to 0.3 microns Down to 0.3 microns
Side Brush
Brush Width 10.9" 9.4"
Main Brush to Wall - Side 0.4" 1.6"
Main Brush-to-Wall - Front 1.1" 1.0"


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