Neato Boundary Marker

SKU: 945-0009

Compatible with all Neato robot vacuums.


Product Features

  • Prevents your robot vacuum from going to an area you don’t want it to go
  • 4m (13ft) in length and easy to cut to the size you need

Neato Boundary Marker Product Details

The Neato Boundary Marker prevents your robot from going to an area you don’t want it to go. Easily cut the magnetic strip to fit around doorways, pet bowls, cords, or anywhere you want to create a boundary.

Neato Boundary Marker Tech Specs

What's in the box?

  • 1 Boundary Markers


  • 4 meters (13 ft) x 1 inch


  • 15 oz / 0.1 Kg

Neato Boundary Marker FAQ

Which robot vacuum are these Boundary Markers compatible with?

This Boundary Markers are compatible with all Neato robot vacuums.

My Neato robot does not detect the boundary markers I put down. What can I do?

The boundary markers must be flat on the floor and not blocked or hidden under anything (e.g., thick carpet) for the robot to detect them. Learn more about Neato Boundary Markers.

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