Look, we're different.

Your house has corners. So should your robot.

You don’t live in a round house. Why settle for a round vacuum? Neato robot vacuums are D-shaped by design, so they can get to where the dirt goes—along walls and into corners.

Visionary Robot


Neato sees what others can't.

While round robot vacuums just bump around, Neato uses patented Neato Botvision™ to see the shape of your home and cleans in an orderly way, carefully moving around furniture and picking up everything in its path.

Straightforward Cleaning


Follows the walls.

Neato's D-shape means it can get close to walls, where the dirt is, and clean in methodical straight lines instead of going in circles.

Innovative Design


Never cuts corners.

No matter how hard it tries, a round vac just can't fit into a square corner. Neato on the other hand uses its Corner Clever™ technique to move in and out of corners until every dust bunny is captured.

Powerful Suction


Designed with a real suction vacuum.

Unlike round vacs that rely on simple sweeper action, Neato’s D-shape has room for a real, super suction vacuum—that you don’t have to push.

Efficient Cleaning


More cleaning per battery charge.

Since it doesn’t have to waste its energy bumping around, Neato uses only the battery power that's necessary. When Neato needs more juice, it automatically goes to its charge base then returns to finish the job. Smart robot.

Smart. Simple. Neato.

Design Matters

Neato cleans within 10mm of the walls and corners.

Neato's D-shape allows for a front-brush design with a 50% larger brush that gets closer to the walls and into corners—and makes room for Neato’s extra-large dirt bin.

Round robots are 98mm away from the walls—and even further from corners.

Round vacs have their brushes in the middle, between the wheels. Not much room for a decent size brush. And the dirt bin? It’s small, too.

Stop going in circles.

Take a step in the right direction. Watch Neato in action and see how much easier your life can be.
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