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About Neato Robotics

Making smart, capable robots that help people live better lives

The idea behind Neato Robotics – that robots can perform household chores as intelligently as humans – was born at Stanford’s annual Entrepreneur’s Challenge. Today, our robot vacuums clean homes better than the competition – with smarter technology, more powerful suction, and bigger-is-better features that get the job done the way you would, or even better.

Stanford University's Entrepreneur's Challenge
Top Pick: Best Smart Home Product

Neato sees a world where every home has smart, helpful robots.

Neato Firsts & Technology Innovations

  • First smart, laser navigating robot vacuum

  • First D-Shaped robot vacuum

  • First to announce a Wi-Fi connected, app-enabled robot vacuum

  • First to ship with Smart Watch support

  • First robot vacuum to support Amazon Alexa / Amazon Echo

  • First robot vacuum to support FB chatbot with Neato Chatbot

Our Smile Factors.

Building products people love.

Building products people love.

Making the complex simple. And affordable.

Making the complex simple.
And affordable.

Robots with heart.

Robots with heart.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Giacomo Marini, Chairman & CEO

Holly Anderson, CFO


Allen Hollingshead, Vice President of Sales NA & APAC

Avril Murphy, Vice President of Sales EMEA

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If you want to know more about your Neato, feel free to contact us. We are ready to answer any questions you might have about your Neato and how it works.

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We can be reached at:

Neato Robotics, Inc.
8100 Jarvis Avenue
Newark, CA 94560 USA

+1-510-795-1351 headquarters and channel sales
+1-877-296-3286 consumer sales and support (toll free)
+1-720-785-5047 consumer sales and support (toll and from outside USA)