Neato Extends Leadership in the SmartHome

Announcing Neato Chatbot for Facebook Across Botvac Connected Range and the Neato Developer Network

Customers can choose how to interact with their robot via the Neato App, Amazon Alexa Skill and now the Neato Chatbot

Newark, CA – CES 4th January – Neato Robotics, leaders in smart robots for the home, today announces the launch of Neato Chatbot for Facebook and Messenger apps across its Botvac™ Connected range and introduces the Neato Developer Network.

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Neato Robotics Facebook Chatbot and Alexa Skill

Neato Chatbot enhances functionality and offers new opportunities to control your Neato robot from wherever you are, all via Facebook. Consumers are now able to connect with Neato robot vacuums for the first time via Facebook and Messenger apps, giving them the power to start and stop cleaning, show details about the robots, and connect to support services.

Neato offers the widest choice possible to operate your robot vacuum from anywhere and customers can choose how to interact with their robot via the Neato App, Amazon Alexa Skill and now the Neato Chatbot. This further extends Neato’s vision of SmartLife™ —using technology that integrates to your lifestyle, makes life better, and fulfills the vision of smart living.

Neato Chatbot is available worldwide across Facebook and Messenger apps. It is supported by all Neato connected robot vacuums including Botvac Connected, Botvac D3 Connected and Botvac D5 Connected. Neato Chatbot is an exciting step offering consumers the chance to ‘friend’ their robot, ensuring their Neato robot vacuum is truly integrated into the home.

Neato is also pleased to introduce the Neato Developer Network, which will further enable smart robot integration. Through the program, Neato provides access to its cloud platform enabling developers to build third party applications that can interact with Neato robots. Neato Robotics makes available Android, iOS, and JavaScript SDKs with supporting documentation and sample app to make it easier for developers to build their own services on top of Neato technology.

Roberto Ostinelli, Director of Cloud Services at Neato Robotics, comments on the network creation, “We have found that there is a desire for third party developers to integrate with our robots to create interesting usage feedback and implement other creative ideas. We embrace these third-party integrations by providing official documentation and SDKs in a newly created Developer Network, to ensure that the connected world of Neato robots continues to grow at a rapid pace.”

Over 100 developers have signed up including lead integration platform, SmartThings and enthusiasts who have shared what they are working on and what they are excited to see next. The Neato Developer Network uses OAuth 2.0 authorization which has also allowed Neato Robotics to build the Amazon Alexa skill and Facebook integration with Neato robots.

Tim Slagle, Developer Advocate at SmartThings, comments on joining the Neato Developer Network, “Open APIs are the backbone of IoT and the future of our connected world. It comes down to making products better together. As connected homes and devices become more prolific, it will be even more important for us, platforms and device makers like Neato Robotics, to work together to allow the creation of unique and meaningful solutions for our mutual customers.”

Alexa & Facebook Chatbot for Botvac Connect robots

Since the release of its first connected robot vacuum, Neato has continued to innovate in the smart connected home. These two new features further expand technical capabilities and ensure that Neato is fully integrated into the smart connected home eco-system.

Dogs love robot vacuums

All Neato robots use the company’s patented Neato LaserSmart™ technology that combine laser scanning, continuous room mapping and real time object detection to plan the most efficient course to clean a home. This means the Neato robot alters its navigation instantly when a new obstacle enters its path. It navigates intelligently even in the dark, moves from room to room, and knows when to return to its base for recharging — and then automatically goes back to where it left off to finish the job. The Neato robots’ iconic D-shape design and CornerClever™ technology allows it to clean close to walls and deep into corners where dirt and dust often hide. With one of the largest brushes and dirt bins on the market, Neato robots cover more square footage and pick up more debris than any other robot vacuums.

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