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Spring Cleaning Tips from the Cleaning Experts


It’s that time of the year again… Spring Cleaning! At Neato Robotics, we have dedicated a lot of time into helping you keep your carpets and floors clean – with minimal hassle and effort on your part. For the other nooks and crannies of your home, we’ve rounded up some of the best cleaning bloggers on the web to share some of their best spring cleaning tips with you.


Clean My Space

Clean My Space Would you ever think of 19 uses for a lint roller? Melissa Maker has! She started Clean My Space as a YouTube channel in 2011 and has been offering helpful cleaning videos ever since. Because Clean My Space began on YouTube, nearly every post incorporates a video, which can be helpful when discovering a new way to clean something. From choosing the right vacuum to seasonal cleaning tips, Clean My Space will change the way you clean your home!Melissa’s Spring Cleaning Tip:

“Remember to clean soft surfaces too, like pillows, carpets and rugs, blankets, mattresses, upholstery and drapes.  These collect dust, allergens, odours, dust mites, dander, and other unsavoury bits and pieces.  Professional steam cleaners can be brought in to treat these surfaces, which provides great relief for allergy and asthma sufferers.  Certain items like rugs, pillow cases, duvets and drapes can be brought to a dry cleaner and cleaned once a year for good measure.  This will help keep the home odour and allergen free.” 




Clean and Scentsible

Clean and Scentsible Jenn started her blog as a way to showcase some of her favorite products, and quickly found out that she loved sharing organization, cleaning and DIY craft project ideas! Clean and Scentsible has a Household Organization Diet plan: 31 days of tips and tricks for giving your home a refresh and a new lease on life. Plus, Jenn offers tons of great holiday decor and recipe ideas, along with fresh and fun ways to make every day special.

Jenn’s Spring Cleaning Tip:

“Spring cleaning can often be overwhelming so always go in with a plan and stick to it!  Be realistic about the time that you have available and choose a space to clean that you can fully complete within that time frame. Gather all of your needed cleaning supplies before starting so you do not have to leave the room and risk the chance of distractions.  When you are ready to start cleaning, work in a systematic pattern around the room – always cleaning from the top of the room to the bottom and from one side to the other to avoid having to clean the same area twice and cut down on cleaning time.”




The Inspired Room

The Inspired Room Melissa began her organizing and decor blog out of her love for design. She shares unique and beautiful ways she decorates her own home, as well as her four daily routines for keeping her home “clean enough.” Her articles are easy to follow and beautifully displayed, and make even the most mundane tasks interesting. She will even inspire you to get your house clean in just five minutes!Melissa’s Spring Cleaning Tip:

“Spring is a time to start fresh. Make your way around the house clearing off surfaces and only put back what you really love.”




Clean Mama

Clean Mama Mom of three Becky is a cleaning and homemaking expert out to make the world more organized and have lots of fun along the way. A self-proclaimed routine and list lover, Becky’s tips have been featured on Oprah.com and Martha Stewart. Clean Mama is a treasure trove of cleaning and organizational information, and chances are Becky has already tackled your toughest cleaning issues. Don’t miss out on her free printable checklists and charts, in addition to an Etsy shop full of more great downloads.Becky’s Spring Cleaning Tip:

“My favorite spring cleaning tip is to put together a spring cleaning bucket or caddy just for spring cleaning.  Grab it when you have a couple minutes or more to spring clean.  Keep your supplies assembled and at the ready and spring clean when it works!  Some of my favorite spring cleaning supplies are an extendable duster, microfiber cloths, all-purpose cleaner, dish soap, window cleaner, squeegee for washing windows, bucket, scrub brushes, a lint roller, garbage bags, and of course, a caddy or bucket to store the supplies in.”




I Dream of Clean

I dream of clean Created by a wife and mom that hates to clean, I Dream of Clean will help you create the perfect cleaning schedule for your life, in addition to keeping everything in your home organized, clean, simplified and productive (even your kids and their stuff!). Aside from the great tricks on cleaning and decluttering, I Dream of Clean helps you find unused minutes in your day to get more done, so you can stop cleaning and get back to enjoying life.Christine’s Spring Cleaning Tip:

“Make a plan. It will help you stay focused and work quickly. You can download my free customizable template here: http://www.idreamofclean.net/free-customizable-spring-cleaning-checklist/.”




Joyful Homemaking

Joyful Homemaking Margo is a wife of 25 years and mom of three kids, and if she can keep it together, so can you! With great tips on cleaning every floor, surface and appliance in your home, you’re sure to be inspired to get scrubbing. She’s even got great ideas for cleaning with simple, everyday supplies, so that you don’t have to spend time and money buying the fad chemical at the store.Marge’s Spring Cleaning Tip:

“My favorite thing to do to freshen up my home in the early spring, BEFORE the pollen hits, is to open all the windows for a few hours, and let as much of that wonderful fresh air indoors as I can. We have brutal winters where I live, and with the house closed up tight in the winter, it seems to get what I call, “house-i-tosis” where my home gets stale and stuffy. So at the first sign of a warm sunny day, you can find me opening all the windows to clear out the stuffiness and let in the freshness!”




Spring Cleaning 365

Spring Cleaning 365 Christine is a busy mom living in a house full of boys, and has developed Spring Cleaning 365 to make cleaning easier by motivating readers to clean one more thing each day. By taking on small tasks, Spring Cleaning 365 inspires a list of daily habits that will make cleaning and organizing your home a routine, and therefore not so much a chore. Don’t miss the Daily Task section, so you can feel like you accomplished something – even if it’s just cleaning the dishwasher or microwave!Christine’s Spring Cleaning Tip:

“Spring Clean all year long with us at http://SpringCleaning365.com. If you just do just one extra thing each day, your house can feel like it’s been “Spring Cleaned” all year long.”




A Slob Comes Clean

A slob comes clean A mom with self-proclaimed slob brain, A Slob Comes Clean is a funny and heartfelt account of how real families deal with clutter each day. In addition to great cleaning tips, you’ll find methods that work for “a real life slob” and  free printable checklists to keep it all in check. Plus, if you’re drowning in clutter and don’t know where to start, A Slob Comes Clean is a side-splitting blog with assurance that you’re not alone in your journey for a cleaner, simpler home and life!Dana’s Spring Cleaning Tip:

“Take a picture, set a timer for five minutes, and working on a small, visible area of your home. When the timer goes off, take another picture. You’ll be amazed at the visible difference five minutes can make, and you’ll be encouraged to keep going in your decluttering efforts!”



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Check out the rest of these great blogs for more inspirational tips to get your house clean and organized this Spring!


Real Simple

Real Simple This well-organized site is just as the name suggests – real simple. Simplicity doesn’t mean boring, though, and they offer unique ways to keep your home clean and organized. Large images and easy checklists make cleaning fast and fun. From choosing the best laundry products to the best technique to care for wood floors, Real Simple offers a top-notch library of articles and posts about nearly every cleaning topic.FACEBOOK | TWITTER


Good Housekeeping

Good Housekeeping For more than 100 years, Good Housekeeping has been the gold standard of keeping your home clean, organized and functional for living. With easy-to-navigate sections and articles for nearly every cleaning conundrum you can think of – even new ways to use toothpaste – this site will keep your home clean and give you more time to do what you want.FACEBOOK | TWITTER


Living Well Spending Less

Living Well Spending Less For the home on a budget, or those just wanting to keep spending in line, Ruth Soukop’s Living Well, Spending Less is the treasure trove of tips you’ve been looking for. Without sacrificing quality and even an occasional luxury, this blog offers great ways to clean, declutter and organize, all while making sure your home looks great. Want to illness-proof your home or tips on how to get more done each day? Living Well, Spending Less has it all.FACEBOOK | TWITTER


One Good Thing by Jillee

One Good Thing By Jillee A beautiful and modern blog, One Good Thing by Jillee was born out of Jillee’s journey to living an addiction-free life. Chock full of great recipes for homemade cleaning projects and simple ways to take the stress out of cleaning, organizing and living life, Jillee offers solutions to clean absolutely every part of your home. You’ll even find 25+ ways to use lemon peels!FACEBOOK | TWITTER


Organizing Made Fun

Organizing Made Fun Yes, organizing can be fun, and Becky, a 20-year veteran piano teacher and label-maker lover has tons of great ideas to incorporate into your own home. From where to start de-cluttering to where to look if you want some professional assistance, Organizing Made Fun offers tips and tricks for freeing your home of clutter and disorganization. It can even help you identify top causes of clutter to help you stay organized for good. 



A Bowl Full of Lemons

A Bowl full of lemons With a stunning site and easy-to-use sections, A Bowl Full of Lemons is a community of people working together to make life easier, started by Toni Hammersly. A simple Begin Here section helps you get started on the right foot, and leads you to the resources you’re looking for, fast. With a Home Organization Facebook group boasting more than 30,000 members and a blog stuffed with inspirational tips on keeping your home, family and life organized, A Bowl Full of Lemons is a breath of fresh air.FACEBOOK | TWITTER


Ask Anna Moseley

Ask Anna Moseley There’s a team behind the Ask Anna brand, and they are women on a mission to make life cleaner, more organized and just generally better! You can submit your toughest cleaning questions and search tons of articles on cleaning and organizing just about anything. With simple navigational tabs to help you find what you’re looking for, Ask Anna also has a robust green cleaning section, for those looking for more natural ways to keep your home clean and chemical-free.FACEBOOK | TWITTER


Home-Ec 101

Home Ec 101 Started by former professional chef Heather Solos, Home-Ec 101 strives to teach real skills that can benefit everyday life. In a nutshell, it just makes sense. A vast library of articles on cleaning and laundry tips ensure you will be able to tackle any household issue. With recipes and a handy fix-it section, Home-Ec 101 has everything you need to become a rockstar in your own home.TWITTER


A Thrifty Mrs.

A Thrifty Mrs A lifelong deal hunter, A Thrifty Mrs. creates a beautiful online space for finding the best bargains on nearly anything. Living in the UK, the blog has a fresh perspective on what it means to be thrifty and keep a life and a home clean and organized. From how to keep your towels fluffy to five ways to reuse dryer sheets, A Thrifty Mrs. will keep you on your toes and keep the dollars in your pocket!TWITTER


The Mom Writes

18-the-mom-writes Prerna began The Mom Writes after having her daughter, and out of a desire to stay home with her. Now a full-time blogger and social media guru, she offers a plethora of cleaning and organizing tips for busy people working to have it all – at work and at home. The Mom Writes has an extensive collection of posts about cleaning and organizational topics including eco-friendly solutions, and even has creative ways to get your kids to pitch in!FACEBOOK