Robot Vacuum Review & Comparison by CNET and Digital Trends

Neato XV Signature Pro cited as the more powerful robot vacuum; unmatched pick up of pet hair

Newark, CA—September 26, 2013 — Two key technology reviewers staged a battle of the robot vacuums this month, and both reached the same conclusion: Neato Robotics® is the hands-down winner in this growing category.

“CNET and tech industry analyst Rob Enderle, two highly respected reviews sources, crowned the Neato XV Signature™ Pro king of robotic vacuums for our smarts and powerful vacuum capability,” said Neato CEO Giacomo Marini. “Neato believes that it’s possible to create robots that can perform household chores as intelligently as humans. Intelligence is a core strength, combined with the fact that Neato products are designed to be truly powerful vacuum cleaners. We’re delighted to have these acclaimed independent reviewers continue to support our position.”

CNET Analysis

CNET gave the Neato robot vacuum a 4-star rating in its head-to-head testing of the Neato XV Signature Pro with the Roomba 790 and LG’s Hom-Bot Square. CNET cited Neato for best price, its performance on standard, medium-pile carpet, and was particularly impressed with how well it picked up pet hair.

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“Battle Royale” Review by Tech Analyst Rob Enderle

Earlier this month, industry analyst Rob Enderle, President and Principal Analyst of the Enderle Group emerging technology advisory firm, also staged what he called the “Battle Royale” between Neato and Roomba robot vacuums. His conclusion echoed CNET’s findings: “Neato is both smarter and more capable than a Roomba, as we geeks have discovered.”

Enderle’s review was published on Digital Trends on Sept. 2, 2013. “…The Neato is smarter, but then it has to be, because it’s a real vacuum, the Roomba is more of a powered sweeper. A vacuum on carpet will always be better, but a vacuum uses a ton more power, so it has to be more efficient as well. So while the Roomba can bounce around the room, often covering the same spot a number of times, the Neato has to map out the room and execute on the map, maybe even needing to recharge once in the process.”

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According to Neato, most of the robots on the market use algorithms that make them move almost randomly, taking far too long to clean. Neato developed a better solution – one with an intelligent laser guided navigation system.

Key features of the Neato XV Signature™ Series include:

  • A high-powered vacuum that picks up dirt, debris, pet hair, dander and microscopic fibers, often overlooked by lesser-powered vacuums.
  • A new capability called Corner Clever™ that help the robot vacuum enter and back out of corners more precisely, and continue around the corner to ensure it has thoroughly cleaned the entire floor.
  • High-performance filters that rid homes of allergens, make homes healthier, remove particles from the air stream down to 0.3 microns in size, including mold, spores, dander, dust mites, pollen, textile and carpet fibers.
  • Improved navigation that extends Neato’s lead as the only robot vacuum smart enough to navigate and clean multiple rooms. Neato knows where it’s been, where it’s going and returns to where it left off.
  • Large bag-less dirt bin, making it easy to use and environmentally friendly.

The MSRP of the Neato XV Signature Pro is $449 and includes two high-performance filters and a versatile brush system, including combo brush and blade brush, for even more effective cleaning on all floor types plus pick up of tough pet hair.

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