Head to Head Robot Vacuum Comparison Guide

Look, we're different.

The difference in design is obvious.

Neato robot vacuum path vs Roomba path comparison See Why Neato is Better

Check out this video to see all the advantages of Neato's superior design as well as the features that are unique to our Botvac robot vacuums.

With our exclusive D-Shape with CornerClever, our robots are designed to get into the nooks and crannies that round robots cannot.

Neato's wide brush and side brushes can get up close and personal with walls and baseboards in a way that other robots can't.

Neato robot in corner
Round robot in corner

No matter how hard you try you just can't fit a round robot into a square corner.


“A powerful, robotic vacuum, that cleans your floors for hundreds of dollars less than the competition.”


“Neato improved on its already-impressive robot vacuums with the Botvac line.”


“The world's most evolved vacuum.”


Some brushes just aren't BIG enough to finish the job.

Neato technology separates the best from the rest

SpinFlow Power Clean

Neato's SpinFlow Power Clean combines industry-leading suction and precision brushes to leave your floors immaculate no matter what your Botvac may encounter.

This means you won't have to worry about cleaning up behind our Neato Botvac robots because of our superior suction and rotating brushes, which are resistant to clogging up pet hair, dander and dust. So, while other robotic vacuums are struggling to catch up, Botvac is blazing ahead.

LaserSmart Mapping and Navigation

Our SLAM-based LaserSmart Mapping and Navigation system scans the area 360 degrees continuously while cleaning and ensures that the Neato robot takes the smartest path to finish the cleaning job. This means your Neato robot avoids bumping into furniture and doesn't waste time with random zigzag cleaning patterns. And, if someone walks into a room, or a piece of furniture is moved, Neato knows. If the room has very little light, that's not a problem for Neato robots-unlike other V-SLAM products.

Neato's LaserSmart Technology is also very efficient. Neato keeps track of what it has cleaned and what it has left to clean. If the area to clean is larger than Neato can clean on one battery charge, Neato goes back to its charge base, powers up, and then returns to where it left off to finish the job. In the end, our Botvac robots can clean the same room up to four times faster than those round robots, efficiency is our middle name.

Neato Robot Vacuum

10.9 inches / 27.6cm

Other Robot Vacuum

6.4 inches / 16.3cm

Design Matters

Our brushes are 50% larger than the competition and get closer to the wall than those round robot vacuums. In fact, our brushes are so big, our robotic vacuums can clean within 14mm of the walls. This sounds even better when you figure that round robots are 98mm away from walls and due to their design perform even worse around corners. Our robotic vacuums leave virtually no space uncleaned because they're built to clean every space, not just the ones they fit into.

When you compare them side by side, the difference is obvious. Make sure every inch of your house is being cleaned by your robotic vacuum.

Neato cleans within 14mm of the walls and corners.

Round robots are 98mm away from the walls—and even further from corners.

Neato robots also have more powerful airflow capabilities than those round robots. With more powerful airflow and our precision brushes, you get a superior clean.

Larger dirt bins means Neato robots can tackle larger messes.

Quiet Combo Brush

Path Planning

Neato robot vacuum path vs Roomba path comparison

Faster Cleaning Time

Our intelligent path planning finishes the job up to 4x faster. Unlike the other guys no time is wasted so the same space can be cleaned in a fraction of the time.

Why waste time when our technology makes intelligent cleaning a breeze?

Seamless Room-to-Room Transitions

Neato Botvac can move from room to room without missing a spot. This means it can go from living room, to kitchen, to the family room and automatically return to its charge base.

Our robotic vacuums give every room the love and attention they deserve, not just the ones they begin with.

Neato robot vacuum path vs Roomba path comparison


There's a reason that Neato Botvac robot vacuums have repeatedly been hailed as the best vacuum for pet hair by critics and users alike. This is because our robot vacuums were made with your pets in mind since we know that your robot vacuum has to be able to serve every member of your family. Pet hair can be a pain to vacuum and Neato robots are the only ones on the market that are equipped to take on the challenge.

Maximum Hair Pickup

Neato is a real vacuum - not a sweeper. Its super suction and brush system pick up pet hair from every type of floor surface. Super suction is an absolute necessity when you consider that in one year, a Labrador alone sheds 70 pounds of hair. When it comes down to it, other robotic vacuums just don't have what it takes to keep up.

Neato's unique brush system features a combo brush that is uniquely designed to pick up more pet hair. Its larger size and ability to get right up to walls and corners where pet hair accumulates make the Neato Botvac better equipped to take on messes left by your furry friends. Our larger high-performance filter is able to trap more things that may trigger allergies.

By adding a Neato Botvac robot to your home, you can experience a cleaner home and less sneezes or runny noses than with those round robots. That's because they just aren't equipped to tackle pet hair like our robotic vacuums can. For more information on tackling pet hair check out our pet shed solutions guide and find out why our robotic vacuums are the best for pet hair.

Combo Brush

Combo Brush

Best for hair on carpeted floors

Spiral Blade Brush

Spiral Blade Brush

Best all-around brush

Our new brushes are intelligently designed with pet hair in mind.


Neato knows when shopping for your robotic vacuum, getting the best deal is a no brainer. That is why our robotic vacuum is hundreds of dollars less than the competition.

This means you're getting the best of Neato technology, at a fraction of the cost.

When you compare Neato to those other round robots it's clear there's no competition. Our Neato Botvac line of robotic vacuums deliver superior technology and performance at a fraction of the cost of our competitors.

Spiral Blade Brush

Methodical, thorough, efficient.

SpinFlow Power Clean

SpinFlow Power Clean

SpinFlow technology combines our versatile brush system, powerful suction, extra large dirt bin, and high performance filters to leave your floors spotless.

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LaserSmart Mapping & Navigation

LaserSmart Mapping & Navigation

Patented Neato Technology, LaserSmart Mapping and Navigation with real-time object detection continuously scans and maps the room, plans, and methodically cleans - instead of just bumping around.

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D-Shape with CornerClever

D-Shape with CornerClever

Even in the tightest of corners, the Botvac's unique D-Shape with CornerClever technology cleans where round robots simply cannot.

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Maximum Hair Pickup

Maximum Hair Pickup

The critics agree, Neato excels at picking up the hair that the other bot's can't.

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