Botvac D7™ Connected: Get the most thorough everyday clean effortlessly
botvac-d7-connected Alternate View
botvac-d7-connected Alternate View

Botvac D7 Connected

The smartest, most powerful Neato robot vacuum.


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See it in action

See it in Action

The Botvac D7 Connected is Neato’s smartest, most powerful robot vacuum that adapts to your home for the most convenient and personalized clean. With Neato’s most advanced brush system, Ultra Performance Filter, and the best connectivity (including 5GHz Wi-Fi), this clever wonder keeps floors free of dirt, hair, fur, and allergens. The exclusive LaserSmart™ technology maps and remembers your home’s unique layout to navigate up to 5000 square feet with greater precision. This means more thorough coverage, 4x faster cleaning, and greater care around furniture, even in the dark. Neato’s distinct D-shape design allows the Botvac D7 Connected to get deep into corners and close to walls, unlike round robots. It tackles an entire floor with ease and automatically recharges.

Get clean floors every day, even when you’re not home. Start, stop, or pause cleaning sessions with the Neato app for iOS and Android devices. Or control your Botvac D7 Connected with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Neato Chatbot for Facebook, or IFTTT. Even use your smartphone to view a map of where the Neato robot has been, and set a cleaning schedule.

And only the Botvac D7 Connected lets you set virtual ‘No-Go’ Lines around places you want the Neato robot to avoid, right from your smartphone.

What's in the Box

Robot Top
Dirt Bin
Info LED
Start Button
Battery LED
Botvac D7™ Connected Top View
Drop Sensors
Brush Guard
Battery Door
S/N Label
Charging Contacts
Botvac D7™ Connected Bottom View
Product Dimensions
 MetricU.S. Standard
Length31.9 cm12.5 in
Width33.6 cm13.2 in
Height10 cm3.9 in
Weight3.5 kg7.7 lbs
Charger Voltage14.4V
Warranty Terms
Robot1 Year Limited
Battery6 Month Limited
Available for Purchase
Accessories Not covered by Warranty
Available for Purchase

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