Neato Botvac.

The smartest, most powerful robot vacuum.

Does your pet shed?
Neato to the rescue.

See our Shed Solutions Guide to help reduce pet shedding and then let Neato pick up where shed control leaves off.


Neato Botvac.

Let it run. Your work is done.


Neato Botvac.

Cleaner house. Happier you.

What makes Neato so neat?

Neato scans and plans routes

A Real Brainy Vac.

Instead of bumping around, Neato robot vacuums use our patented Neato Botvision to scan, plan and vacuum each room in record time.

Neato's suction get's everything in it's path

Dirt-Defying Cleaning.

Neato combines powerful suction with an edge-to-edge brush, precision side brush, extra large filter, and bigger-is-better dirt bin.

Neato is sqaure and proud, leaving no spot untouched

Square and Proud.

You don’t live in a round house. Why settle for a round vacuum? Neato is designed to get up close to walls and deep into corners.


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